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When tax season comes around you may find yourself stressed by the idea of having to manage your taxes and all that tax preparation entails. Because this is an extremely complicated process, one that demands a professional’s insight, you will want to get a professional tax planning service.

At Central Colorado Tax Services, LLC, our tax consultant service is geared towards getting you the help you need from a professional tax advisor who is highly experienced and proficient with tax code and all of its nuances. They will understand exactly how to help you get the representation that you deserve. It is our goal to make a positive difference in the growth and success of our clients.

We understand the value of a personal hands-on approach to doing business, which is why we customize our services to your needs. With tax preparation, we help you figure out your taxes. If you are seeking advice from a tax consultant and need exceptional tax services, give us a call at Central Colorado Tax Services, LLC in Brighton, CO today.

About Sandra Peacock

Sandra Peacock is the founder and owner of Central Colorado Tax Services, LLC located in Brighton, CO. Central Colorado Tax Services is a tax practice with a personalized approach and specializes in individual and business tax preparation. As a full-time tax professional with over 15 years of experience, Sandra has helped hundreds of individuals, families, and small businesses navigate the complex US Tax Code. Her years of experience and ongoing tax education enable her to solve the most complex tax issues and disputes.

Prior to starting her own practice, Sandra was a office manager and tax advisor at a national tax company and worked for an attorney several years before that as a tax advisor in Kansas, before making the move to Colorado in August of 2014.

Sandra received her AS in Accounting from Strayer University in 2007.

Sandra lives in Denver, CO with her husband and works in Commerce City, CO. She has two adult daughters and one granddaughter who also lives in the Colorado area. She is dedicated to all of her clients and wants to make sure that they are satisfied with her services.

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